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Mutual Fund, Brokerage, and Managed Money Accounts

AIM — www.aimfunds.com
AllianceBernstein — www.alliancebernstein.com
American Funds — www.americanfunds.com
American Legacy — www.americanlegacy.com
Federated — www.federatedinvestors.com
Fidelity — www.fidelity.com
Franklin Templeton — www.franklintempleton.com
Lord Abbett — www.lordabbett.com
Oppenheimer — www.oppenheimerfunds.com
Pacific Life — www.pacificlife.com
Pioneer — www.pioneerfunds.com
Prudential Financial — www.prudential.com
Putnam — www.putnam.com
T. Rowe Price — www.troweprice.com
Van Kampen — www.vankampen.com

Variable or Fixed Annuity Accounts

American Skandia — www.americanskandia.prudential.com
ING — www.voya.com/
Jackson National — www.jnl.com
John Hancock — www.johnhancock.com
Midland National Life — www.midlandnational.com